Om Oss

I'm Mazin_Z and this is my ZWORLD MEDIA website! Now I'm looking forward to uploading new videos here.

I'm 23 years old and I'm a Actor/Director and a student.
(I have completed and passed the whole school year!)

I'm very good to work as a video director!

In the future I will work as a bus driver or own a company or work as a video director. But now I work as an animal keeper but also work on fixing films. ;)

I have many friends, and they’re really good friends!                                                                                                                                                                     My best friends are: Anton Millberg, Axel Ekberger, Ramzi Ayari, Kristoffer Gerdien, and many more. I'm looking for serious relationship if there are good looking girls between 23 to 26 years old! ;)

Have A Nice Day!
Greetings/ Mazin_Z B-)


GameNetwork/Socialcommunity: - Zsuperworld
Skype - mazin_bungie
XBox LIVE - Mazin91
Steam - Mazin_Z
EA account - MazinDiamond
Facebook - Mazin Ibrahim Shakir (


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